PC Hooftstraat Quartet Game

Play now for a fraction of the price in the street.

Where the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam is mainly known for the extravagant people and cars, and surrounded by the most exclusive shops. In order to succeed well in the street you need a lot of money, a trophy wife and a fast expensive car.

Now, this is very entertaining to watch and walk through. Given that I experienced this spectacle in the middle, it was up to me to do something with it.

To capture the most exclusive street in all its craziness, here is the PC Hooftstraat quartet game.

For sale for the nouveau rich, the old money or for fashion students. Or just someone whom sees life as a game and likes to play it.

The categories are;

– Stars

– Catering

– Superstores

– PC insurance

– PC salary slaves

– Uninvited guests

– Animals

– PC Tractor

– Joker Jort

A quality made piece. Unique for some occasions.
Through this site for sale for the small amount of € 25.00


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