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The Art of Living

Me, Myself and Eye

A different mindset and vision distinguish us. Lust for the Eye and sprezzatura in my work is the result. This is my collection so far and work is going on. Have a look at my works! Interested in works or work together? Feel free to lick the (digital) stamp and send it…

Live works

Now live...
Now live…

Het Verhaal van de Dronkenschap
Café ’t Kantoor
Gierstraat 78, Haarlem
2 sep ’18 – 2 nov ’18

To look forward to...
To look forward to…

Several interesting things, update soon!

  • PC spel
  • Droste
  • Bier en Jopen

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Excited eyes, mind and fingers? Write me to know more about works, upcoming work, the owner, and if you’re interested as a model!

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