Time is a concept that is becoming increasingly more important in our time. We fill in our time very precisely, but we do not have a grip anymore. Time goes so fast. I have seen many things change in my short existence. One of my passions is classic (Italian) cars and mopeds. The classic car companies I know in Haarlem, which have specialized for generations in certain parts of the restoration, are disappearing more and more. The current generation has less with heritage, long service life, repairs, dirty hands, mechanics and resolving thinking.

With H’auto I have recorded the car restoration and maintenance companies that are still present in Haarlem.

In a few years, the car industry will be very different and this also has consequences for the classic car restoration world. Although now a few models cost astronomical prices the whole trend is getting less… It is going to a niche market for the increasingly expensive ones that will make fewer and fewer kilometres.


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